Commissions | Let me create something special for you

Basic Portraits $45 - $85

Chest up single character on simple background. Basic no special effects.

Detailed portraits $85 - $145

Chest up single detailed character, backdrop special effects and props.

Basic scene $100 - $185

Full detailed character on detailed background, special effects and props.

Detailed Scene $150 - $250

Detailed character, background specific scene props and special effects

Black & White art $125 - $185

Single detailed character full or portrait in black & white

Cover Design $185 - $350

Full cover art for Paperback, e-Books, e-Media, including Title & Author design

How it works

1. Contact me using the contact form.
2. Include as many details as you can so I can provide a proper quote
3. Commission details will be discussed and a price that is good for the both of us will be decided.
4. Once agreed I start working on your commission and keep you posted on the process for your feedback.
5. When the image is to your liking it will be completed.
6. You will recieve your high resolution commission via Wetransfer.
7. You can enjoy the exclusive image created for you!

Commissions include a high resolution JPG at the dimension agreed and 5 revesions during process.

General Read

Read through before submitting a commission:

1. Look over my gallery to get know my skills and styles to see if it fits your commission idea.
2. All art is created by P.o.E and she will remain to be the copyright holder.
3.The commissioned art is for your personal commercial use only and you may not resell.
4. The more specific detailed or complex the piece can higher the cost.
5. Payment via Paypal only. No refunds.
6. 50% out front to get me started / 50% after pay once the image is completed.
7. Give a complete detailed description of what you would like me to create when contacting me for commission.


digiPixel is open for commissions and always interested to hear from you!

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