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The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) is a European Privacy Act.
AVG regulates that companies and organizations process personal data carefully.

This page is updated on February 2th 2019

Privacy, Cookies & Content

The website digipixel.nl is made available to you by digital artist & 3D content creator Peggy o. Ebing
registered as digiPixel in the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands under number 57969809.

digiPixel guarantees the protection of privacy of all visitors to the site as far as possible.
This means that maximum effort is also required of the partners in the monitoring of personal data.

Here you can read which personal data is being processed, what is done with this personal data,
within which legal framework that happens and what you can do if you have any questions about this.

digipixel.nl is an SSL label secured website and does not use or collect more personal information and data than necessary.


In the context of services, digiPixel records data (your name, place of residence and address, telephone, e-mail address). digiPixel uses this information exclusively for the execution of the relevant agreement and for its other services. If you do not appreciate information about (new) products and services, you can notify digiPixel via email at digipixel.nl@gmail.com with the subject “privacy & registration” to have your data blocked for this.

digiPixel stores your data as long as you are a client of her. Based on applicable administrative obligations, invoices must be kept with your (personal) data. This data will therefore be stored by digiPixel for as long as the applicable term runs.

Your data is stored on secure computers. If you wish to have your data deleted from the file, you can let me know by e-mail to digipixel.nl@gmail.com. digiPixel will comply with your request within 5 working days.

digipixel.nl contains links to other websites. digiPixel is not responsible for the use of these websites. For more information about, I refer you to the privacy policy of relevant websites.

digiPixel reserves the right to change the privacy policy at any time. On this page you will always find the most recent version. Therefore, check the privacy policy on this website regularly.

Send an e-mail to digipixel.nl@gmail.com if you have any questions about this privacy policy. As well for questions about your data or changing your data. digiPixel is happy to be of service.


A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone during your visit to a website. Information from the website is stored in this text file. This information can be re-recognized by this website during a later visit for better browsing.

These cookies are necessary for the webshop, contact forms and your account to function. The files keep track of what is in the shopping cart and your personal settings. These cookies are also intended to help you view this website faster and more effectively.

design.digipixel.nl uses Google Analytics to track the number of visitors and their surfing behavior per webpage. These cookies do not affect the privacy of the user. IP addresses are anonymised and Google has not given permission to use the obtained Analytics information for other Google services.

digipixel.nl uses various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ for promotional purposes only. These tracking cookies are necessary for the social buttons to function.

When creating an account on digipixel.nl, cookies are essential to process your orders, payment and/or shipment. They also allow the creator of the account to manage and edit personal account settings.

You can always delete cookies from your PC. How to remove depends on the browser program you used to visit this website. You can use the help function of the internet browser to see how it works to delete.


All art & pictures on this website are created and copyright protected by me. You are not allowed to download and/or share as your own with written permission. You can contact me through the contact form or send an email to digipixel.nl@gmail.com for permission requests or commissions.

digiPixel is an exclusive selling vendor at Renderosity. When visiting digiPixel content store in their Marketplace the Renderosity policies are in order.

All products offered on digipixel.nl under the Freebies section are free to download for personal usage only. You are not allowed to share to other parties by hand or offer on website sharing as your own downloadable item.

To use anything by digiPixel for commercial purposes you need written permission from me: P.o.E/digiPixel. You can contact me through the contact form or send an email to digipixel.nl@gmail.com

contact me if more information is needed

I am always willing to help where I can

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